KY - Campbellsville (US-68) - Happy Days


I literally staggered into Happy Days and was very happy to learn that the wait staff was quick, efficient, and knew enough to realize when an old guy was about to pass out!

Eight hours of riding in triple digit temperatures had taken a toll on my body. Two quick glasses of cold water followed by a great chocolate milkshake hit the spot. It really was an old fashioned shake, served in a fountain glass with a cherry on top, and the aluminum shake container left on the counter for a refill! In the last couple of years I've only found a couple of places that still do that - and it's an appreciated bargain.

Great Decor The joint is located in downtown Campbellsville and done up in a 50's motif with dozens of model cars lining the shelf walls. Everything looks clean and the other patrons looked happy and content. I guess it's hard to scowl when good oldies are playing on the jukebox.

There is street side parking next to the store, but if you are in a group for a Ride To Eat you might want to consider parking in the municipal lot just a quarter block down the street. The are no meters and you'll have a better chance of getting all together.

(LW) - Last Visit - 09/2011