Roads - Just a Place To Start


I'm old enough to remember when planning a great vacation tour took a few weeks. The first step was to narrow down the wish list of destinations to three or four areas. Step two was mailing off to state tourism departments to get maps and booklets. After a couple of weeks the materials were all in hand and step three could start, matching the dreams found in those booklets to the available budget.

For most American families it was rare that the planned trip matched the memories brought home. Detours, breakdowns, unanticipated glitches, and just plain getting lost all melted into the experience to form an exquisite pool of stories, guffaws, and witty lines that would be used for years afterward to tease various family members. Much later, when life and death intervene as they always will, those trips become fabulous mile markers of a lifetime journey down a wonderful highway.

When I began to ponder the 'Ride Around America' Steps one and Two were in play, and to some extent still are. But it soon became obvious that the wealth of tourism data available on the Internet would merge those two steps, or even eliminate them. It's possible with a few hours of research to easily find and create a reasonable route of travel and have a decent idea of how much it may cost. Exotic spur of the moment trips now are far less unpredictable than in years past.

With all that in mind I began to think differently. I began to just look at the map and wonder not what is at either end of the daily leg, but what lies between the two point - at the edge of the road. This web site is the product of that thinking.

It has a long way to go, but eventually it will be possible to just place click on an icon for a particular road and the known data for places along the route will be shown, categories by state and industry.

Until that time, you may continue to use the Search Window to find what you want. The site is set up in two focus areas, the first for the roads and anything along them and the second relates the stories of the people that have traveled those highways. Hence, Roads and Riders.

Enjoy your ride and let us know when you find something interesting that should be shared here.