NC - Four Oaks - Bentonville Battleground SHS

Bentonville Battleground State Historic Site, 5466 Harper House Rd, Four Oaks, NC 27524. Phone: 910-594-0789. GPS: 35.30227788980,     -78.32202352590

The battle fought here is considered one of the last stands of the Confederate Army while it still had any resources to mount a fight. The Confederate forces engaged General Sherman here at the dawn of March 19, 1865. At the end of the first day neither side could claim victory.

By noon of the second day the 20,000 soldiers and mounted cavalry of the Southern forces were being overwhelmed by the 60,000 men of the North. By the end of the day the Confederate wounded were being evacuated to Smithfield, 20 miles away.

Sherman was content with just gaining an occupation of the town of Goldsboro, just north of the battle area. General Johnston and his Confederate men were fighting a different type of battle, they were defending their homeland in what they felt would be their last chance to keep the North from overtaking the entire Confederacy. The battle at Bentonville ended on March 21st, and just over three weeks later General Johnston surrendered his entire force at Bennett House near Durham.

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