NC - Trust - Trust General Store & Cafe

Trust General Store & Cafe, 14535 NC-209, Hot Springs, NC 28743. Phone: 828-622-7455.

Located at the intersection of NC-63 and NC-209, Trust is the beginning of what is locally called "Shiners Run" or "The Rattler" - about 17 miles of twisting excitement that is the northern section of NC-209.

The store offers a nice opportunity to rest a bit before setting off again in search of that big grin. Buy a T shirt, sign the guest book, grab some ice cream, or walk into the cafe and sit down for breakfast, lunch, or diner. The menu is available at their website - so you can judge your budget requirements by checking it out before you start the ride.

The store and restaurant are very clean and the employees are very friendly. A busy Saturday or Sunday might see 200 riders in the lot, but during the week traffic is a lot more reasonable and the service is very quick.