NC - Linville Falls

Linville - A Gorgeous Gorge!

Mitchell County, NC - Northwestern North Carolina offers most of the highest mountain peaks in the Eastern United States. Much of the terrain is accented by steep drops and very narrow valleys, and spectacular canyon views. Linville Gorge is the best known and most accessible of those canyons. It lies within the Pisgah National Forest area and has two entrance areas that are literally side by side.

Moto-campers will find plenty of space available in the area with numerous state, federal, and commercial campground within a few miles. Fueling stations won't be found along the rural roads, if you think you will be short - stop at a station in town.

The higher elevations here, often 4,500 above sea level, demand that you be prepared to cooler temperatures and slippery roads. Riders in early spring, late fall, and winter should be aware that roadways will freeze much more quickly here than the lower elevations just 30 or 40 miles away. Riders will appreciate not only the beauty of the gorge itself, but the fantastic roads that lead into the park. This is one of the best scenic areas of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and it's usually uncrowded. Fall rides are especially nice. Riders with modest experience in mountain areas should be able to gain confidence here.

The best views are difficult to reach. A round trip hike from the parking area to the highest overlook is about three miles in distance and several hundred feet of elevation change. Ensure you have plenty of water with you. Diabetics should carry a snack - a great deal of energy will be expended during the hike.