Help Build A Useful Highway Guide

I'm obviously committed to providing some reliable travel data to other riders that want to have a great ride, but what about YOU?


It is impossible for one rider to create and maintain a highway guide that covers the entire United States and Canada. Before the advent of online efforts there were a few really good books that focused on specific regions or highways,

but they were quickly outdated and it would have been folly for anyone to think they could publish a book to cover entire states and regions. Today an online environment can be built whereby multiple authors can collaborate and create a credible reference.

I'm asking all interested riders and writers to contribute a few lines of descriptive text about those roads with which they are familiar. You might not think the highways and routes you ride each day are interesting, but that's because you ride them every day. Imagine how much it would help a stranger from across the country if even a fraction of your local knowledge was available before riding into the area. Time saved by using the alternate routes that avoid congestion could be better used for riding a local twisty or sitting down to a great meal at a joint known only to the locals.

Start looking at the bottom of the highway guide articles for an input form. If you have knowledge to share about the route, enter the data into the form and send it to me so that I may include it as an update. If all of our readers begin to participate, it won't be long before we have a very useful highway guide for most areas of the United States and Canada.