It's Your Choice

Riders new to this site will quickly notice something important - there are no maps, no descriptions, and few route recommendations that entail riding anything other than a US Route or state highway. The reason for this omission has everything to do with modern technology and the motives we voice when purchasing and riding a touring motorcycle. We want to enjoy a great road trip.

Sure, the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System is a great tool for commerce and zooming from here to there. The 21st century GPS devices can give a reliable routing between the two spots without a problem. But motorcycle touring isn't about the quickest trip between two coordinates - it's about slowing down to enjoy a mountain vista or catching a glimpse of sunlight bouncing off a stream that wanders by the roadside. It's difficult to find adventure when negotiating a grid pattern of lats and longs.

Of course, all of us do ride the Interstates, they are difficult to avoid when the congestion of a busy downtown district offers nothing but sweat and frustration. They offer a way to escape, but only to get beyond the barriers that confine the mundane. Real two wheel adventures call for winding US Routes or narrow state highways that snake through a deep forest, up and down mountains, or cut straight across an endless desert.

Have you ever heard a rider wistfully talk of the I-5 and compare it to "The Tail of The Dragon"? Probably not. And how many times have you heard a rider say that I-85 is the obvious choice over the Blue Ridge Parkway? Never. Only in rare instances does a touring rider ever tell another that an Interstate route is scenic, exhilarating, challenging, or even fun.

And that's why this site concentrates on the slower back roads of America. The pace off the beaten path encourages the frequent stops that rests our tired backsides and gives our minds a few moments to collect and catalog scenes of a disappearing nation.

It truly is your choice. You may ride at blistering speeds on the Interstate, enjoying nothing but the sensation. Or you can join us on the old road; where we can share a smile, appreciate the view, and enjoy it again and again as we tell others of the trip of a lifetime.