Do YOU Have a Video to Share?

Roads And Riders can host your ride video!

As small Hi Def video cameras become more and more popular, producing a ride video is almost an expected part of every great two wheel adventure. Rather than let your cinematic talents get lost on YouTube®, why not upload them here so they may be cataloged for easy retrieval by others interested in the same routes you documented?

Our goal is to enhance the available information on US Routes and State Highways with collections of video that can show much better than any of us can write exactly what the roadway is like and what can be seen from the saddle. Like the written articles, we don't expect an Oscar quality performance. In fact, presenting a video might be much easier for you to produce and you don't have to worry about grammar, spelling and punctuation.

You must be a registered user to upload you video. When a registered user logs in an additional menu item appears. Clicking on "Upload Video" take you to a very easy to understand dialog page. Once the upload is completed a message is generated for a Roads And Riders admin that a new clip is in que. We ensure it isn't porn or other inappropriate material, properly categorize the clip, and then your masterpiece is available for others.

There are many sites out on the 'Net that are favorites because of the great photos uploaded by their readers. Let's try to create a site that is known for the number of great videos it holds for touring riders!