Andrew Lewis rides with his best friend, "Pop" on a long trip out west every year. "Pop" is his father and sometimes a cousin or two will come along to keep the family affair full of memories. These are his stories.


Redfish Climbs Colorado

This has been a busy year for me. It began to look as though there would be no Redfish and family bike trip this year. Work was consuming all my time, 6 to 7 day weeks, minimum of 11 hours per day, things were looking bad. The strain was growing, the tension was building... My bosses and my HR manager decided that it was best for all concerned if I took at least a week off. Dear Old Dad will be 69 years old this August. He is not getting any younger. So...

Two years ago on the annual trip one of my cousins almost lost his life when he totaled his Harley pulling a trailer. Last year for several reasons he was unable to ride with us.

But this year he rolled into Dad's yard on a shiny CVO Street Glide with the 110 inch Screaming Eagle motor.

The choices we make... 

©2014 Andrew LewisAt least there is no trailer involved this time.

Andrew Lewis, a/k/a "Redfish", is a 40 something rider from Prairieville, Louisiana. The Redfish alias is due to his passion for chasing Redfish in shallow water. At one time in his life he was a part-time charter captain and competed in some high level Redfish tournaments. He and "Pop" manage to plan and ride one long motorcycle tour each year.