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Along US-220

680 Really fun miles from Rockingham, North Carolina to Waverly, New Hampshire. Four lane divided for the first 80 miles, but still scenic, although we recommend riders not in a hurry to take the old two lane route, named Alt US-220.

Rockingham, NC to Virginia Border

North Carolina DOT Map Currently the route begins at the very southwest edge of Rockingham and curves around the downtown district from US-1 as a four line divided highway and just south of Elerbe it begin limited access as I-73/I-74 all the way to Greensboro.

For most riders the suitable alternative is to take Alt US-220 and Bus US-220 sections for that entire distance, even as the business route wends it way through Asheboro and Level Cross.

The first part of the route reflects the sand hills of the area, with little in the way of rises to give any scenic vistas. Little matter, the road is in excellent condition and usually deserted by all traffic but the locals.

Be careful at Elerbe and Biscoe! Both towns have a reputation as speed traps. At Biscoe there are several opportunities for fast food if you go west of the route 1/3 of a mile on NC-24/NC-27.

Lee Wonnacott photo At Star, along Alt US-220 you will find a couple of B&B Inns, and for railroad buffs there is the home office and yards of Aberdeen Carolina and Western Railway. It's a small spur route, and the company does some refurbish work of antique rolling stock in their yard. I don't know if they give access to the public, but stop in at the old depot and give it a look.

On the corner of Main Street, as you turn down to the depot, is the Star Hotel. It was built in 1896 and is now owned by nationally known psychic Gary Spivey. He claims there is a ghost in the hotel. Are you up for a visit?

A few miles further north is the small village of Seagrove, which for many years has been home to several dozen potters. Locals call the place "jugtown." You can easily spend a full day just wandering from shed to shed, watching the artisans working the clay and if you are lucky you can watch them fire up an old wooden kiln.

Next, on the side road NC-159, is the North Carolina Zoo. A really nice collection of exotic animals from around the world. It's a full day visit just by itself...

At Asheboro the Hog types will like the H-D Museum on US-64 at the west side of town. Free, with a cafe to boot. And a few miles to the west of Ashboro is the NC Museum of Aviation.

North Carolina Border to Hot Springs, VA

Virginia DOT Map








Hot Springs, VA to West Virginia Border

Virginia DOT Map








Virginia Border to Keyser, WV

Virginia DOT Map








Keyser, WV to Cumberland, MD

Maryland DOT Map








Cumberland, MD to Holidaysburg, PA

Pennsylvania DOT Map








Holidaysburg, PA to State College, PA

Pennsylvania DOT Map








State College, PA to Williamsport, PA

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Williamsport, PA to Chemung, NY

Pennsylvania DOT Map