South Carolina 742 & North Carolina 742

& Est Time:
41 Miles
.9 Hours
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Major Crossroads

Chesterfield, SC to Oakboro, NC

Are you heading north on US-52 or just putting in a little riding time on a sunny afternoon? Either way, riders in the area of Chesterfield that want to head north at a relaxed pace should consider SC-742, it's all of a mile and a half before you cross the North Carolina border onto NC-742.

If you need fuel, stop at the little convenience store at the very beginning of the route, where it wyes off from SC-145. The difference in tax rates between North and South Carolina is about 15 cents a gallon, with South Carolina fills ups being the bargain. (Yes, I KNOW, you are only saving about a dollar, but I'm cheap and don't like to give the state any more than I must)

There's little scenery to excite anyone, unless you appreciate the occasional glimpse of the hilly topography ahead. About four miles south of Wadesboro the road suddenly gets interesting with lots of hills and a bit of twisty. Enjoy it, it doesn't last and in the next couple of minutes you are at the intersection of NC-109 and running up the hill to the middle of town in Wadesboro

There are some really neat looking old houses here, most are late 19th and early 20th century century, but one or two qualify as antebellum. If you want to discern the political and social nature of Anson County before, during, and after the Civil War - stop and visit the memorials in front of the Country Courthouse.

Watch out for the stop light at the intersection of US-52 and US-74 ... the wait for the left turn arrow is very long, and the time allowed to get through is frustratingly short. Don't try to run it - police coverage here is heavy.

Turn west from US-52 and the final run to Oakboro is a bit more interesting. The route is very rural in nature and you'll sometimes be slowed by farm wagons and logging trucks.

The roadway is in good condition most of the way and there are places to stop and eat, refuel, or just rest a bit in Wadesboro and Oakboro. Enjoy the ride, it's a simple one hour diversion that adds to that nice sunny day.


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