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Colorado / CO-82

WARNING! Some portions of this route are at elevations exceeding 12,000 feet. Riders with COPD should take precautions. At Independence Pass you are above the tree line, hypoxia is a real issue for some riders. Cell phone coverage to reach medical assistance may be unavailable.

Okay, now that reality has been addressed, let's step into the world of high adventure and enjoy this beautiful, and unique, ride on America's highest through highway. The number one video in cue was taken by an experienced Colorado rider during the month of October. Just below the tree line there is snow evident on the side of the road and once above the tree line it's everywhere. Even in summer months it's possible to encounter snowstorms in any of the higher elevations, but here you should EXPECT IT! Snow melt will cause large areas of water to collect on the roadway that can turn icy in seconds under the right conditions.

At the highest point there is an overlook area which is usually busy. Be aware that others may not be paying attention to you. Within the next half mile the downhill portion of the pass begins. Do NOT remain in high gear and use your brakes excessively. Down shift to a lower gear that will allow you to safely idle in the steepest sections. This area is posted at 25 MPH and most of the traffic around you will actually be going slower in the switchback turns.  


Glenwood Springs to Granite

Est 85 miles - 1.5 hours (click here for route map)


Major Crossroads


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